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Business Tax Preparation

Never miss a tax deduction again when we prepare your taxes.

We keep tabs on the tax code to make sure your business pays the lowest amount of tax possible.

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

Take the stress out of tax preparation by letting us handle all your tax filings including tax preparation, budgeting, tax planning,
tax projections, and IRS representation. 

You won't pay more than you owe when we prepare your tax return. 

Individual Services

We will advise you on personal financial planning including retirement planning and college savings plans and how to minimize tax liabilities so you can keep more of what you earn.

Tax Planning Services

We're constantly designing new tax planning techniques to decrease tax liabilities for business and individual taxpayers in all tax brackets.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

We provide fiduciary accounting services, money-saving tax strategies, and sound financial advice. For individuals who have been appointed as trustees and executors, our tax and accounting support enables them to fulfill their fiscal responsibilities for the trust or estate. When attorneys need a CPA firm they can refer clients to, we work behind the scenes as part of the estate planning process or as a key member of their estate and trust team to control tax liabilities, file tax returns, and prepare the fiduciary accountings.


Call us to discuss how we can formulate an effective tax strategy for you or your business.

Call Collins & Associates, CPA, LLC at (908) 350-7402

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